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N95: 98 Degrees Cover Band or Mysteriously Marvelous PPE

July 27, 2021

What do you get when you have two enthusiastic women talking about all things N95s? This podcast interview. Please note that it was recorded in March 2021 while I was sitting in a dark room lit up by a single candle in New Mexico. It seemed fitting to release it now as we are sliding back into comprehensive masking. (see what I did there? Fit test...N95...send help)


My amazing cousin (#PAWCuz):


Kudos Corner

To all those who are fully vaccinated, masking, and still looking out for the under served, thank you from the bottom of my cold, jaded ER nurse heart. I love you. 

Thanks for your support and listening to the show for yet another week! 

Speaking of listening, special shout out to audio editing whiz, Sam of Kingdom Media!! (


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Intro music (resurrected and saved by the lovely Terel):

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